T. 1 (2007)

Mục lục

Business Registration in Vietnam: Burden or Opportunity? Tóm tắt
David Walke 3-16
Business Licensing Regulations: Constraints and Solutions Tóm tắt
Nguyen Dinh Cung 17-24
Donor Coordination in SME Development in Vietnam: What Has Been Done and How Can It Be Strengthened? Tóm tắt
Nguyen Hoa Cuong 25-39
Vietnamese State-Owned Enterprises after Equitization: Performance, Emerging Issues, and Policy Recommendations Tóm tắt
Tran Tien Cuong, Bui Van Dung, Pham Duc Trung, Nguyen Kim Anh, Nguyen Thi Lam Ha, Nguyen Thi Luyen, Trinh Duc Chieu 40-56
Economic Growth and Balance of Payments Constraint in Vietnam Tóm tắt
Pham Sy An 57-68
Vietnam's Economic Growth in 2006 and Outlook for 2007 Tóm tắt
Dinh Hien Minh 69-78
Book Reviews
The Editor 79-80