Journal of Science, S. 1 (2016)

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Rapid detection of betanodavirus presence in Sea bass (Lates calcrifer) based on RT-PCR (Reverse transcriptase PCR


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     Hepatitis B is a viral disease caused by Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), which could cause bothacute and chronic infection. HBV infection have been considered as the most common high riskfactor that cause cirrhosis and subsequent development of Hepatocellular (HCC) worldwide.Even though Hepatitis B vaccine was found to be generally safe for two decades, however,HBV infection continues to be a major public health worldwide with the death raising from600.000 to 1 million cases. Many risk factors, including HBV genotypes, have been proved to beassociated to the chronic development and, then development of HCC.Current review was carried out to summarize the properties and prevalence of HBVgenotypes, based on Vietnamese population, in order to highlight characteristic of HBVinfection, simultaneously analyzed the correlation between HBV genotypes and other high riskfactor related to HCC development.    

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